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If you are looking for a pear tree that will provide fruit, long after the other varieties have gone to sleep . . . You will want to plant the Bosc Pear. The fruit of this luscious tree is ready for harvest after the Autumn Equinox, giving it the nickname 'Winter Pear'. Its 'Fall Harvest' will add a special dimension to your landscape and properly cared for, this hardy tree will produce for up to 100-years. Your Bosc Pear blooms in mid-April, filling your tree with lovely white blossoms and your senses with its' delicate fragrance. The fruit will develop abundantly and slowly over the summer; ready for harvest in late September. The wonderful thing about the Bosc Pear is that it 'sweetens' early, even before the fruit begins to soften; this means that you can enjoy it, right off the tree. The skin color won't change much during the ripening process but you can test the ripeness by simply pressing your thumb around the top of the pear, near the stem; if it gives just a little - the Bosc Pear is ripe. It will never become as soft as some other varieties and that's what makes it so special. The Bosc Pear stands out for many reasons: Its fruit is quite large, with a rounded bottom - tapered middle - and long, slender neck, giving it a shape that sets it apart. The subtle gold undertone of its skin is covered with a cinnamon brown russeting which creates a dynamic visual appeal. Your Bosc Pear will have a unique taste and texture; Slightly acidic and lightly spicy - Tantalizing your taste buds and bringing you back for more. The white flesh of the Bosc is firm but juicy, crunchy and yet tender . . . it is perfect for eating fresh and fabulous for cooking. Try adding the Bosc Pear to salads, poaching it for desserts, or adding it to your fruit baskets as a focal point. You won't soon forget its' rich flavor - or its' buttery sweetness. - Low Maintenance - Abundant Producer - Large Fruit - Provides Winter Fruit - High in Vitamin-C and Dietary Fiber - Naturally Shaped Oval Canopy The Bosc Pear sells Quickly . . . Order Yours TODAY !


If you're in search of a pear tree that continues to bear fruit long after other varieties have ceased, look no further than the Bosc Pear. This delightful tree earns the nickname "Winter Pear" because its luscious fruits are ready for harvest after the Autumn Equinox, adding a special touch to your landscape. With proper care, this resilient tree can produce fruit for up to a century.

In mid-April, the Bosc Pear graces your garden with its beautiful white blossoms, filling the air with a delicate fragrance. Over the summer months, the fruits develop abundantly and slowly, becoming ready for harvest in late September. What sets the Bosc Pear apart is its ability to sweeten early, even before the fruit softens, allowing you to enjoy its delicious flavor straight from the tree.

While the skin color of the Bosc Pear doesn't change significantly during the ripening process, you can easily determine its ripeness by gently pressing your thumb around the top of the pear, near the stem. If it yields slightly, the Bosc Pear is ripe. Unlike some other varieties, it will never become overly soft, adding to its unique appeal.

The Bosc Pear stands out for several reasons. Its fruit is notably large, featuring a rounded bottom, tapered middle, and long, slender neck, giving it a distinctive shape. The skin displays a subtle gold undertone covered with cinnamon brown russeting, creating an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal.

When it comes to taste and texture, the Bosc Pear offers a unique experience. Its flesh is slightly acidic and lightly spicy, tantalizing your taste buds and leaving you craving more. The white flesh is firm yet juicy, offering a crisp and tender bite. It is perfect for consuming fresh and a fantastic ingredient for various culinary endeavors.

Consider adding the Bosc Pear to salads, poaching it for desserts, or including it in fruit baskets as a captivating centerpiece. The rich flavor and buttery sweetness of the Bosc Pear are unforgettable.

Highlighted Features of the Bosc Pear:

  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal care and attention.
  • Abundant Producer: Yields a generous harvest.
  • Large Fruit: Boasts noticeably big pears.
  • Provides Winter Fruit: Extends your fruit supply into the winter season.
  • High in Vitamin-C and Dietary Fiber: Offers nutritional benefits.
  • Naturally Shaped Oval Canopy: Exhibits an appealing canopy shape.

Due to its popularity, the Bosc Pear sells quickly, so make sure to secure your order today and enjoy the benefits of this exceptional fruit tree.